"My name is Andrew Drake and I have been crafting high quality, handmade, custom guitars and basses to order since 2005. I craft each instrument one at a time with special attention to fit, feel, and function. I carve my own necks and construct my own bodies to customer specifications. Drake instruments are truly handcrafted instruments as all work is performed in my shop with basic woodworking tools and lots of man hours."

--Andrew Drake





This custom, hand made bass is nothing short of a medium scale sensation. In August of 2011, Andrew Drake had finished "Wilma" which I consider to be his version of a medium scale "Starfire" type bass. I found her online and it was love at first sight. Andrew was selling her on his web site, and it took a while to admit to myself that I had to have her. I made an offer, but Andrew wasn't hearing about it. He rightfully wanted full price for her, which I eventually agreed to.


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Wilma’s curvy body consists of a 100 year old mahogany core, reclaimed from a historic structure in Iowa. The body has been hollowed out and the top consists of amazing exhibition grade 5A quilted maple. Her top has a very subtle but naturally occurring and beautiful pale area near the center. This accentuates her curves quite nicely. The neck is quarter sawn wenge with a wenge fingerboard - lined with incredible figured mahogany. She is also decked out with beautiful trapezoidal mother of pearl inlays on the fret board. There is mahogany laminate on the back of the head stock - and highly figured quilted maple on the front of the head stock, which matches the body. Both the super tone bridge and the ultra lite tuners are by Hipshot. She boasts active EMG HB pickups. The control knobs are made of ebony. Both the truss rod cover and the rear cavity cover are made of wenge. The workmanship is first rate with intense attention to detail.


I asked Andrew to make a new rear cavity cover out of wenge to match the neck instead of the mahogany he fashioned the original from. He was very gracious, and made a nice wenge cover for her back side. She has a very deep and unique sound. I couldn't be more proud to own a bass as sweet as this one.



This Drake Custom semi-hollow body bass "Wilma" with a medium scale neck was completed in August of 2011. This bass features a quarter sawn Wenge neck with 2 carbon fiber stab bars and a dual action truss rod to stabilize the neck. The fret board is of wenge with figured mahogany fret board binding and flashy mother of pearl trapezoid inlays marking the positions. Her peg head is covered by a quilted maple veneer on the front and a mahogany veneer on the back. This instrument weighs in at 8.8 lbs and the width of the neck at the nut is 42mm. Wilma’s curvy body consists of a 100 year old mahogany core, reclaimed from a historic structure near Andrew's home in Iowa. The back has been hollowed out to reduce weight and give her that semi-hollow tone. Her body is topped with 5A exhibition grade quilted maple with a incredible and naturally occurring pale section right down the center. She is wired up with EMG HB pickups in an active nine volt configuration. Her hardware is Hipshot brand Ultra-lite tuners and a Hipshot brand 2 point Super Tone bridge. Ebony control knobs and a wenge truss cover and rear cavity cover complete her details. She is finished in a durable oil varnish that gives her a satin luster and protects her from moisture and wear. For more on Andrew Drake and his custom creations go here.


Builder/Manufacturer:  Andrew Drake

Year: 2011

Model Name: “Wilma” Semi Hollow Body Bass Guitar

Laminated Top: 5A Exhibition Grade Qulted Maple - with a naturally occurring pale center streak – and a hand-rubbed and durable oil varnish finish

Body Material: 100 year-old mahogany rescued from historical structure

Neck: Two carbon fiber stab bars with a dual action truss rod

Neck Material: Quarter Sawn Wenge with mahogany laminate on rear and quilted maple on front of headstock – and custom mahogany fretboard binding

Neck Finish: None

Scale Length: 32” (832mm)

Fingerboard: Wenge with custom mother of pearl trapezoid inlays

Number of Frets: 22

Nut Width: 42mm

Electronics: EMG HB Active Pickups with preamp

Special Electronics: Volume 1, Volume 2 and Tone contols

Bridge: Hipshot two point Super Tone bridge

Hardware Finish: Hipshot Ultralight tuners

Strings: D’Addario Half Rounds .95 - .40

Unique Features: Ebony control knobs and a wenge truss cover and rear cavity cover


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